Cenforce Provides You The Paramount Pleasure Of Sexuality

A bad lover censures his tool. Women know that the trouble is not always in the genital portion but in the sexual act. In addition, that starts a long time before penetration. However, many good, responsive, lovers have flabby parts that do not carry out. The reason is sometimes physical and sometimes psychological and sometimes both.

Nowadays doctors are inclined not to look for causes, other than for understandable things such as diabetes or other causes of arterial disease. They get immediately on with treatment. Some drugs, entertaining or pharmaceutical, can progress function but they may do so at the price of dependency. The sometimes-surgical method is used to implant erection. Apart from all these things, a simple method is there to get the erection. This method includes the use of Drug Cenfroce, which provides the harder erection at the time of lovemaking but the only condition is that men should be sexually aroused before that.

Cenforce 150mg is a well-liked approach on the ground of erectile dysfunction or erection failure. The drugs support the men to improve his soft erection when he was not capable to accomplish that at the time of intimacy. The drug is clinically experienced on men for the positive outcomes of the erection and find useful for erection. The drug consists of Sildenafil as a main functional constituent.

cenforce online
cenforce online

Sildenafil belongs to the PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor collection of medication. The PDE-5 enzyme there in the body causes the reduction of cGMP substance there in the body accountable for the flow of blood in the penile. Thus, reduction causes the reduced flow of blood and softer erection. Therefore, Sildenafil hampers the PDE-5 enzyme and improves the flow of blood in the penile further by preventing the collapse of cGMP.

Cenforce is easily obtainable in the dosage of 50 mg, 100, 150 and 200mg. The men have to swallow one dose of cenforce orally 60 minutes prior to the intercourse with a massive amount of water. The drug requires 30 minutes to explain its action and counter in the body for the period of 5 hours. This effectual action of 5 hours assists the men to enjoy lovemaking for the time of 24 hours, thus only one tablet requires taking once in 24hours.

The drug ingestion may knock into various side effects as if dizziness, drowsiness, nasal decongestion, muscle pain, facial flushing, stomach upset, body pain, chest pain, ringing sound in the ear and hazy vision. Thus, men have to use more carefulness while driving and performing any machinery work after ingestion of the drug. The men have to escape the ingestion of Cenforce if he is suffering from the medical sickness of liver, kidney, heart, blood and blood pressure complications. The men must have to avoid the use of alcohol, grapefruit juices, fatty food and nitrate derivative while countering on the cenforce. If prolong ejection takes place as of overdose then consult with the doctor.


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Cenforce remove the Worry of falling Limp in bedroom

Do you want to improve your sexual life? You are interested in lasting longer in bed and going to have a more pleasing round with your woman. Then you have to take care of your penile size to please a woman. Then you must have to take a dose of cenforce 100mg medication 60 minutes before going in a sexual activity. Studies Have exposed that women adore Men who have Big penile to Stretch their Puss1 and a Man who can Also stay longer in Bed to be able to please them. There are pleasure centers that are situated deep into the vagina and around the walls of the vagina. The men smaller penile is not able to penetrate deep down the vagina and thus do not stimulate pleasing centers of the vagina. Thus, women desire men longer penile size to get complete pleasure. Thus, if you have small penile size as of erectile dysfunction or not being able to penetrate penile deep inside the women vagina, then must have to take Cenforce 100mg before Intimacy. This medication makes your penile that much enlarge and harder than your woman forgets things like dildos, cucumbers, carrots,  rings, and all those sexual play toys that women use to recompense for their boyfriend’s sexual inadequacy.

Cenforce 200mg is a remarkable medication for the management of erectile dysfunction in men of age above 18. The drug encloses of sildenafil as main functional component and assists the men to attain a harder erection. The drug would help the men to attain erection by opening the blood vessels so that blood gets reach to the penile for intimacy.

Sildenafil main functioning is to prevent the breakdown of cGMP into the body so that more amount of blood can flow inside the penile. The drug does so by blocking the PDE-5 enzyme accountable for all these inside the penile and makes the penile harder during sexual stimulation.

Cenforce 100mg is easy to get in the form of oral tablets. The men are required to have one tablet of 100mg one hour early to the intimacy with an enormous amount of water. The drug takes 30 minutes to show its maximum action and lasts in the body for the duration of 5 hours. Therefore, only one tablet is enough to have desired intimacy in 24 hours.

The drug may produce some side effects like as of dizziness, drowsiness, chest pain, neck pain, back pain, muscle pain, headache, vision changes, ringing sound in the ear and painful or prolong ejection. Hence, the use of cenforce is not permitted in men who are suffering from any medical illness or allergic to sildenafil. The use of Cenforce is restricted in combination with alcohol, high fatty food, and nitrate derivative. If you have to drive or perform any machinery work after drug intake then take extra caution as it might impair your thinking ability.


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Is poor closeness hurting your marriage? Use Fildena

Physical intimacy is just as significant for relationships married or else as verbal intimacy and fondness. Researchers have shown repeatedly that physical fondness through hugging, kissing and touching is just as significant in the improvement of relationship bonds as communication, which is why many couples fight back if they feel that there is a lack of physical intimacy in their marriage.

Let take an example, after a long time when you reach to your home, your wife waiting for you at home wants to have intimacy session. However, you denied getting engage in intimacy, at that time that no put negative affect your married life.

No matter what would be the reason behind lack of intimacy? You are tired, stressed or not in the mood, it raises many questions in your wife mind and ruins your relationship.

Usually, the lack of intimacy happens as of some medical issues in men as men to be fond of sexuality in life. Although, if erectile dysfunction is the reason behind it and you do not want to share with a partner, then you can opt for the alternative. Yes, the alternative, include of Fildena medication prior to the intimacy. This medication makes you feel sexually active by making your penile harder and save your married or intimate life.

Fildena encloses of sildenafil as a functional component, which helps the men to attain erection by beating the trouble of erectile dysfunction. This causes the relaxation of smooth muscles of blood vessels and helps the men in attaining a harder erection.

Sildenafil is the drug belongs to the PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor. The enzyme is accountable for the breakdown of cGMP into the body and poor flow of blood in the penile. Thus, Sildenafil hampers the activity of the PDE-5 enzyme and prevents the breakdown of cGMP into the body. The enhanced production of cGMP causes the increases amount of blood flow in the penile and brings out harder erection.

Fildena oral tablets come in the dose of 50mg and 100mg. The men are recommended to take one tablet of prescribed dose strength orally with an enormous amount of water. The prescribed time for the dose intake is 60 minutes prior to the intimacy. The drug would take only 30 minutes to exert its action and nest in the body for the duration of 5 hours. Thus, the only tablet of prescribed strength is required to take once in a period of 24 hours.

The patient-taking dose of Fildena may notice some side effects as of muscle pain, chest pain, nausea, headache, stomach upset, and loss of appetite, dizziness, drowsiness, and vision changes. Hence, the men are recommended not to take alcohol, fatty food, and nitrate derivative while taking a dose of Fildena. Avoid taking part into attention-required activity after intake of Fildena. The overdose may causes prolong ejection if last for more than 4 hours, then consult with a doctor. Do not consume Fildena if you are allergic to sildenafil or any other ingredient of the drug.


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Turn your sensual fantasies into veracity with Cenforce

Humans are blessed with the ability to imagine and to turn their imagination into reality. Imagination or fantasies are a part of human recreation. Sensual fantasies are the reality of every man and women. Man fantasize about the type of partner they want, about the sensual moves they are going to make, or different techniques they would imply to make their partner happy in bed. It is these fantasies that keep the spark alive even in the real life.  However, for certain men, these fantasies only remain fantasies as they could not perform well in real life due to their erectile troubles. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a very common trouble that a large number of men are suffering from, where they are unable to keep up their erection. This is an embarrassing situation and a blow to their manhood, therefore, to keep up the reaction and your sensual spirit we have an astonishing solution called Cenforce.

Cenforce 150mg is a commendable remedy used for the alleviation of erectile dysfunction in men.  This medication is widely used by a vast majority of middle age and even younger man to solve their troubles of erectile dysfunction. Cenforce is helpful in enhancing the blood flow towards the male genitalia that result in hard and firm erection for a longer time. This results in lovemaking sessions that are longer, sensational and sensually gratifying for both men and women. Cenforce embodies Sildenafil citrate as the main functional component. Sildenafil belongs to the class of PDE-5 inhibitors that blocks the degradation of cGMP by blocking the activity of the PDE-5 enzyme. During the act of sensual stimulation, the male body tends to release nitric oxide that helps in the formation of cGMP. A surplus amount of cGMP accumulates in the male genitalia that leads to the dilation of blood vessels there. This results in improved blood flow that gives you harder and stiffer erection.

cenforce 200 mg
cenforce 200 mg

Cenforce is recommended in a dosing strength of 150mg that can be easily accessed in the form of tablets. To alleviate the condition of limp erection you need to engulf a single tablet of Cenforce orally with an ample amount of water about an hour prior to making love with your partner. Cenforce can exhibit its effect for as long as 4-6 hours, therefore, keeps a gap of 24 hours between the two doses of Cenforce. Do not attempt to take more than the prescribed dose of Cenforce and in case if overdose occurs, seek medical help immediately.

A number of noxious effects commonly occurs with the use of Cenforce, which are nausea, headache, stomach upset, pelvic pain, blurring of vision, dizziness, drowsiness facial flushing, indigestion, and dyspepsia.

Safety measures seen with the use of Cenforce are steering clear of its use in case you are hypersensitive towards any of its components. It is inadvisable to consume alcoholic beverages and sedatives while using Cenforce. Do not attempt driving or other visually alerting tasks while using Cenforce.  A man relying on cardiovascular medications especially nitrate medications should stay away from Cenforce. A man suffering from porphyria and retinitis pigmentosa should stay away from this medication. A man below the age of 18 years should keep himself away from this medication.


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From Quaggy To Strong Erection Only With Cenforce

To know about erection failure, first, read the science behind an erection. Gaining an erection is not easier; it includes multiple steps involving vascular, hormonal, and nervous system.

Stage one: The reflex action begins by touching your penile; this triggers your spinal cord or peripheral nervous system. Next is the psychogenic erection in which erection triggers with any visual or sensual stimulation.

Stage two: With the stimulation of nervous system, there is the release of nitric oxide that is powerful vessel dilator. This leads to fast blood flow.

Stage three: When the stimulus is removed, the activity of peripheral nervous system reverses thus returning back to normal shape and size.

Some people have problems in getting an erection or face poor erection. There might be any interruption in any of the above stages. Sometimes, it can be performance anxiety, excessive alcohol use, which disrupts nervous functioning. Without an erection, you will be called an IMPOTENT. To save yourself from such tag, use CENFORCE 150mg as early when you find out erection problem. You will get an erection within few minutes and hence ultimate satisfaction in bed.


CENFORCE a brand that is widely available for erectile dysfunction treatment. ED is that disorder that makes a man unable to enjoy physical intimacy with their partner. The GENERIC of Cenforce is SILDENAFIL. This Sildenafil is classified as phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitor. We will go deep and know how this drug functions by blocking PDE5 work.

PDE5 functions in degrading cGMP number. There remains poor cGMP and so no erection is possible. Sildenafil helps by rendering PDE5 action. Thus, acceleration of cGMP quantity makes vasodilation process. When your blood vessels get vasodilated there is fast blood flow through vessels which makes an erection possible.

The outward blood stops and so the erection remains for a long time until blood flow outwards starts.

Cenforce is obtainable as 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, 200 mg.

A person who is incapable of getting an erection should start intaking SINGLE TABLET of Cenforce before one hour of physical intimacy. Dose as per your doctor’s advice. Use this tablet before planned physical intimacy session. The action starts within 30 minutes and the action prolongs for about 4-5 hours timing.

Some DO NOT that you have to follow always:

DO NEVER ENGULF this tablet in some cases as below:

  • When you have allergies to its components
  • When you are already using Nitrate medications
  • When you fall under 18 year’s age

SAFETY POINTS one has to keep following always

  • When your erection becomes painful, tell your doctor.
  • Do not engulf more than recommended by your doctor.
  • Keep yourself away from alcohol and grapefruit juice as these worsen effects.
  • Meals rich in fats will slow down the absorption rate of the drug so do not take that food.

Some UNWANTED ILL AILMENTS that are possible with the use are as Irregular heart rate, flushing, back pain, muscle pain, painful erection, longer erection, nausea, and vomiting.

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Worried about your sensual performance, use Fildena 50mg

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a most prevalent sensual dysfunction in men characterized by the inability to achieve or uphold an erection of the male genital part at the time of intimacy. Erectile dysfunction can be managed easily with help of anti-impotence medication, like PDE-5 inhibitors. Among all PDE-5 inhibitors, Fildena 50mg is a most successful remedy for the management recurring erection failure in men because of erectile dysfunction. This medicine helps a man to accomplish or uphold a sturdy erection so that he can perform in bed without fear of failure. Sildenafil citrate is a chief therapeutic component of Fildena 50mg.

Sildenafil citrate falls under the group of drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors. It blocks the functioning of PDE-5 enzymes that further obstruct the breakdown of cGMP. Upon sensual arousal, the discharge of NO (nitric oxide) occurs in the body and the discharge of NO causes the formation of cGMP. An additional accumulated amount of cGMP in the male private part causes the relaxation and dilation of blood vessels present in the male genital area. This increases the inflow of blood to the male private that results in a sturdy erection.


Fildena 50mg is commercially accessible in a tablet dosage form. A man has to consume one Fildena 50mg tablet orally at least 60 minutes before making love, with a colossal amount of water. The therapeutic effect of Fildena last for 4 to 5 hours, so keep a gap of 24 hours between two doses of this medicine. Fildena tablet can be taken along with food or without food, but taking it with fatty meals may affect the efficacy of this medicine.

Intake of Fildena medication is contraindicated under certain medical conditions such as severe hepatic or renal dysfunctions, severe drop in blood pressure, heritable degenerative retinal ailments (retinitis pigmentosa), pulmonary veno occlusive dysfunction, a recent history of cardiac attack or stroke, and allergic reactions with generic Sildenafil citrate or other ingredients of Fildena medication.

Fildena 50mg medication is very safe to use, but sometimes the intake of Fildena may cause some side effects such as diarrhea, lightheadedness, headache, muscle soreness, nausea, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, stomachache, facial flushing, and vomiting.

Fildena should not be taken along with nitrate medication, like Nitroglycerin, Isosorbide, etc, as it may cause a severe drop in blood pressure. Intake of alpha-blocker medication Doxazosin or Tamsulosin along with Fildena can cause severe dizziness or fainting. Some other drugs also show interaction with generic Sildenafil citrate including Itraconazole, Ketoconazole, Clarithromycin, Erythromycin, Ritonavir, Saquinavir, Boceprevir, and Rifampin.

Some discreet measures are crucial to being followed while using Fildena 50mg: Avoid the intake of alcohol or recreational drugs; do not consume nitrate drugs along with Fildena medication. Do not recommend Fildena medication to men under 18 years of age. Men having a history of painful or prolonged erection must consult their doctor before using this medicine. Sometimes, intake of Fildena may cause dizziness or drowsiness, so do not perform any risky tasks after using this medicine.

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Fildena helps to fill the gap of unsatisfied sexual intimacy

Being in a sexual relationship with your loved one is something special, but only when, you do not have any obstruction of any type of failure. Erectile failure or dysfunction is one of the most affecting conditions in adult men where he is unable to accomplish the hard erection successfully and the most negative impact is that he is not even able to sustain the stiff erection for the desired duration.

This even can lead to the failure of marriages and relationships when your sexual bonding is not enough strong and facing it continuously resulting in the distressed emotions in both the partners. However, if you d o not want to affect your relationship then use Fildena without any fear of erectile failure in your sexual life.

Description about Fildena-

Fildena is consumed orally for the safe and successful treatment of a male sexual condition called erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence. Fildena is a brand product made for generic Sildenafil citrate that helps adult men suffering from erectile failure condition to have enjoyable sexual intimacy. This is feasible with sufficient blood circulation towards erectile organ making a man able to attain and sustain the hard erection.


Functional activity of Fildena:

Fildena (Sildenafil citrate) is a PDE-5 inhibitor moiety, which blocks the function of PDE-5 enzyme and prevents the degradation of cGMP. Once you are sexually stimulated, then released nitric oxide assists the cGMP for relaxing the constricted blood vessels around male genitals. This helps in the sufficient blood circulation towards erectile organ that aids in the accomplishment of hard erection for the required vigor to complete a sexual intimacy.

The dosing regimen of Fildena:

Fildena is accessible as oral preparation in the form of tablets with 50mg and 100mg dosage strengths. Fildena is taken only when you need sexual desire so take only a single tablet of Fildena with an oral route at about an hour prior to lovemaking. You can have Fildena with or without food using water. Within 30minutes of ingestion, drug starts to show its effect and stays longer in your body for next 4-5hours. Therefore, you do not need to take more than 1pill in a day and should maintain the gap of 24hours between two doses. An overdose of Fildena can lead to painful or prolonged erection (priapism).

Adverse effects observed using Fildena medication include dizziness, nausea, headache, blurred vision, backache, indigestion, nasal congestion, muscle pain, or facial flushing. Hence, males below the age of 18years and above to 65years should not use Fildena. Moreover, men using Fildena should take care of following safety precautions-

  • Men with the medical condition of liver, kidney, heart, genitals, or bleeding disorder should not take Fildena.
  • You must stay away from the use of Fildena if you are relying on any nitrate medicine else, the interaction can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure.
  • The condition of oversensitivity is a conflicting condition for the use of Fildena.
  • Use of grapefruit juice and high fatty food should be avoided while using Fildena else, these can lead to low absorption of Fildena.
  • Drinking alcohol while using Fildena can cause aggravation of side effects, so it must be avoided with the medication.


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Boost Your Erection And Penetration Power Using Cenforce

Intimacy has a significant role in human beings that bring two people close together and tie them in a knot of love and trust. For happy and prosperous married life a healthy intimacy plays a significant role in bonding the strong relationships among partners. Therefore, when a man is not able to maintain an erection for satisfactory time on a continuous basis it perhaps sometimes affects the relationship. A man when suffering from a disease called as erectile dysfunction or impotence he will not gain a proper erection required for effective intimacy. While having an intimacy session when a man ejaculates early or not able to maintain a successful erection then woman left unsatisfactory that lead to frustration, insecurity, and misunderstanding. Nevertheless, if these things remain for longer it can affect couples relationship and can create many new issues related to their married life or relation.

The treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence can be helpful to cope this kind of issues related to intimacy. The good news is that erectile dysfunction can be treated with the help of a medication called as Cenforce 100 mg. this one of the best medications highly recommended for the management of erectile dysfunction or impotence related disorder. After taking the medication one can be able to maintain an erection for the satisfactory period needed for lovemaking. This medicine boosts the erection time, sensual strength and hard penetration power while lovemaking. It is used before starting love making and contains Sildenafil Citrate as the active constituent.


Generic Sildenafil comes in the category of medication called as phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE-5). This medication exhibits its action by inhibiting PDE-5 enzyme functioning thus, prevents the deprivation of cGMP in corpus cavernosum. Therefore, the concentration of cGMP and Nitric Oxide enhances, as a result, promotes blood flow in the reproductive area, which gives an effective erection during physical relation.

The dosing regimen of Cenforce: The usually suggested dose of this medication is 100 mg obtainable as tablet dosage form. For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, an individual has to take the medication one hour before the intercourse. Consume the one tablet orally with the help of a full glass of water. One tablet is enough to produce action thus do not take more than one dose and take as early as possible before making love if you miss the dose.  However, its dose can be changed as per the condition of patients if needed.

Possible side effects of Cenforce: While taking the medication one may come across with some unwanted effects such as blurred vision, stuffy nose, flushing, headache, dizziness, muscle or a back pain.

Preventive measures while taking Cenforce:

  • A man should not take the medication if allergic to any constituent in the medication and consult the doctor if you are suffering from liver and kidney disease, stomach disease, uncontrolled blood pressure and other disorder.
  • You should not use nitrate products, grapefruits, and high fatty meal along with the medication as it can absorption or bioavailability of this medication.
  • Do not consume alcohol and other sedative products along with the medication and do not drive after taking the medication until you feel better.


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Reflect your manliness in your intimate act by use of Fildena

Men and women differ from each other in many ways especially when talk in terms of sensuality and sexual pleasure or accomplishment of sexual desires!

The difference in the nature of the two people plays an important role in their sexual behavior, which they show in their bedroom. People, those are timid don’t initiate for making bodily love and are quite inexpressible in bed develop difficulties for self and partner too. These timid people feel insecure in bed while making love but the weird fact is that they turn the other person a bit uncomfortable too and quite incompetent to share the desire and his or her desires accomplished.

Therefore, as a result, the couple might face many different types of sexual inhibitions. Until the one person knows the tactic to handle the other person’s shy nature the intimate relation goes well but as your tactic begins to fail then getting frustration is a bit usual thing.

Stopping in between the act of intercourse or slithering in bedroom performance due to not-so-happening or active partner in bed. Any men can go out of control in anger, might feel dejection or humiliation. This can cause men to lose his erection, as every man are different from other so their sensual capability to have and hold an erection also differs. Generic viagra Fildena 100mg can really help in this case.


Letting your true lover apart from you just because she is shy is not possible for every man to do, as lust is not the only thing love matters a lot but only love is not all. Intimacy also means a lot!

So, for this you have to seek other measures to let your partner more comfortable with you and confident in herself or empower your manliness to that extent so that every time when you get in your women she becomes able to feel that pleasure of sensuality that you expect for yourself. There is no emotion or exist no sensation that is more pleasurable and soothing than an intimate feeling. So, take Fildena consisting Sildenafil to improve your sensual performance and you will see the result that how your timid partner will break her walls of shyness and will get on you showing her craving to make intimacy.

Fildena is the medicine that you have to take an hour before building coitus with a partner to have a superb level of rigidity in organ and stronger ability to hold your ejaculation and erection. Take this medicine with water either after food or before having the food and then enjoy intimacy to next 4-5 hours but take care that you must not repeat this dose before completing 24 hours.

Fildena on men shows its effect by arresting the action of a PDE-5 enzyme whose role is to bring down the breakdown of cGMP within tissues of corpus cavernosum. But as the action of enzyme gets inhibited the levels to cGMP will go up and the moment the men get the sensation to arousal his body releases Nitric Oxide, NO due to which penile vessels get dilated and tissues get relaxed and the organ gets filled with blood that makes the erection erect and stiff for better intimacy.

Certain short-term side effects that get developed in men when use Fildena includes blurred vision, pain and shivering in muscles, indigestion, feeling of temperature, Priapism and other.

As a caution, man has to avoid the intake of fatty foods or those packet foods that contain cheese or are hard to digest. Beverages such as grapefruit juice, alcohol, and coffee you must avoid with this therapy. Smoking cigarette is not a good option with this medicine. Nitrates holding medicines must not ingest when men are taking Sildenafil medicine.

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Don’t miss chance to fulfill your sensual fantasies with Fildena 50mg

These days, erectile dysfunction is a most prevalent sensual disorder in men of all age; it a condition where a man is unable to get or uphold a rigid or long-lasting erection during sensual intercourse sessions. Erectile dysfunction occurs in men because of either physiological or psychological factor. Both the victim and his partner often experience a variety of intense feelings and emotions and these emotions generate a vicious cycle of recurring failures and feelings that are ever more negative. This makes a man to suffer from anxiety, depression, low self-worth, and reduction the quality of life. Men with erectile dysfunction tend to emotionally and physically withdrew themselves from their partners because they fear their inability to achieve or keep an erection.

In most cases, men are more reserved and keep their emotions to themselves without expressing how they really feel. Keeping their emotions to themselves not only affect his sensual life, but also the relationship with his partner or spouse. His partner starts to believe that her man is losing interest in her, thereby affecting her sense of worth and feelings of pleasant appearance. Regardless of mourning under the grief of erection failure, you need to fix the erectile dysfunction with Fildena 50mg.

If you find trouble to perform well in bed during cozy moments, then you can take Fildena 50mg before you make love with your partner. Fildena 50mg is an amazing anti-impotent medication used in the management of erectile dysfunction in adult men. This medicine helps you to accomplish or keep a hard or long-lasting erection so that you can perform well during lovemaking sessions. Sildenafil citrate is a chief active moiety of Fildena 50mg.

Sildenafil citrate falls under the group of drugs called PDE-5 blockers. It obstructs the functioning of the PDE-5 enzymes and prevents the further breakdown of cGMP present in the male genital area. Sensually aroused state causes the release of NO (nitric oxide), the NO released causes the creation of cGMP. An excess mounted quantity of cGMP causes the relaxation and dilation of penile arteries. This increases the inflow of blood to the male private part resulting in a hard or enduring erection.


Fildena 50mg is commercially obtainable in an oral tablet form. One should ingest one Fildena 50mg tablet orally at least 60 minutes before being engaged in lovemaking sessions, with sufficient quantity of water. Once a Fildena 50mg tablet enters the body its effect last for 4 to 5 hours, so keep a gap of 24 hours before using another dose of this medicine. One can take Fildena 50mg tablet with food or without food, but do not use this medicine with food containing fats.

Intake of Fildena 50mg medication may cause some undesired effects such as nausea, lightheadedness, headache, indistinct vision, runny nose, unsettled stomach, backache, muscle pain, facial flushing, and sleepiness. These undesired effects persist for few moments and do not cause any complications.

Expert Advice:

  • Avoid the ingestion of alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs along with Fildena 50mg; otherwise, it can enhance the risk of Sildenafil’s side effects.
  • Do not consume Fildena medication in case you are taking nitrates to treat your chest pain or angina.
  • Communicate your healthcare professional before using Fildena if you found yourself having a previous record of the painful or prolonged erection of more than 4 hours.
  • Do not recommend Fildena medication to men under 18 years of age.

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