Cenforce – A Potent Remedy To Treat Erotic Disorder

Erectile dysfunction is termed as the inability of a man to produce and sustain an erection for satisfactory intercourse.

The problem of erectile dysfunction has become the major reason for the cause of both physical and psychological distress. A man analyzed with the problem of erotic disorder lives a very annoying and depressing life. It also lead to reduced self esteem as our society judges the manhood of a person with his ability to satisfy his partner on the bed and when he fails to do so, he starts feeling worthless. The problem of impotence is common in aged man, but it can also occur due to various health related issues such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, or nerve disorder.


The best solution for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction is Cenforce. It comprises of generic Sildenafil as a vital component, which is powerful enough to manage this problem. This medication shows its action within 45 minutes after its administration and it remains for 5-6 hours. It is available in various doses of 100mg and 150mg.

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Generic Sildenafil is a phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor so it functions by inhibiting this enzyme. This leads to the relaxation of smooth muscles resulting in an increased flow of blood in the penile region, thus leading to erection.

Dose of Cenforce to be administered

A person should administer one tablet of this medicine along with a full glass of water. For the best results this medicine should be consumed 45 minutes before the physical intercourse.

You should avoid consumption of fatty diet few hours before and after the administration of this medicine as it slows down the action of this medicine.

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Intake of generic Sildenafil may show some side effects such as headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, prolonged and painful erection, blurred vision, allergic reactions like swelling, itching and redness of skin.

Various precautions that should be followed while administering Cenforce are:

  • You should avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages along with this medicine as it increases the dizzy and drowsy effect of this medicine.
  • This medicine should not be consumed by youngsters of less than18 years.
  • Administration of this medicine leads to dizziness or drowsiness so you should not drive vehicles or do any task that requires full concentration.
  • Do not administer this medicine if you are consuming nitrogen drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular disorder as it results in low blood pressure.
  • You should avoid administration of grape fruit or grape juice along with this medicine as it decreases the bioavailability of this medicine.

From where should I buy Cenforce?

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