Enjoy the Relaxed Life without Unwanted Pregnancy by Using Norethindrone

Birth control is a personal matter to be considered. A woman discusses that with her partner and her friends and colleagues or relatives, but the right choice is a matter of her health and the need of birth control depending on the duration of protection. A woman in her fertile age can conceive anywhere in that life span. Married couples usually plan for their family but the teenage people are more facing the consequence of unwanted pregnancy. The best way to prevent the chances of untimed pregnancy is the use of birth control pill, which can be easily taken via oral administration.

Oral contraceptive pills need to be taken according to the user health and other conditions. There can be two variants of birth control pills, which can be single hormone and combined hormonal pill. Progestin is single hormone one and combined comprises of estrogen and progestin both. Users with allergic reactions because of estrogen generally prescribed for the progestin-only pill.

Norethindrone is a single hormone birth control pill that comprises of only progesterone hormone and that is why it is called as a progestin-only oral contraceptive pill. Norethindrone is an effective and a successful way to prevent the chances of pregnancy by acting as a birth control way that needs to be taken orally with water at regular duration. Since Norethindrone is a hormone derivative, so it works by inhibiting the release of eggs from female ovaries to inhibit the process of ovulation. The working of Norethindrone involves an alteration in the mucus of cervical lining and uterine lining so that the sperm cannot reach the egg for fertilization.


Norethindrone is marketed in the form of tablets or pills that needs to be consumed by mouth. Norethindrone when taken for birth control, then it should be consumed as 0.35mg daily dose to be continuing uninterrupted starting from the first day of your menstrual cycle. Any missed pill can increase the risk of pregnancy and so take each pill timely without any missed. Never take the pill in more than prescribed dose unless prescribed just to overcome the forget dose or it can affect your health. The most common and short-term side effects of Norethindrone can be nausea, irregular menstrual periods, vomiting, breast tenderness, or change in weight. Norethindrone can be taken with or without the food, but should require precautionary measures if combined with smoking and alcohol consumption.

Women who smoke and above the age of 35years are at higher health risk if they take Norethindrone. So, the use of Norethindrone in old age must be used with caution especially if you are a smoker person. However, pregnant women must not take Norethindrone. During the breastfeeding state, the use of Norethindrone needs special precautions. The use of Norethindrone is unadvised in any individual having hypersensitivity towards Norethindrone or any other component of the pill. Norethindrone can lead to serious health risks if consumed under several medical ailments of blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, obesity, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disorder, or in abnormal vaginal bleeding. Migraine, epilepsy, asthma, renal, and hepatic impairment conditions are contradictory for the use of Norethindrone. Norethindrone is not responsible for preventing from the risk of STDs. You need to take another effective way to protect from sexually transmitted diseases.

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