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Every person in the world desires to have thick and long eyelashes. As it enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the face. You can imagine that how you look with deficient or thin eyelashes. You can compare your face without eyelash and with a thick eyelash. In which condition you look more beautiful, you can decide with ease. So, Careprost is a medication, which is intended to grow long and thick eyelashes, which improves beauty and attractiveness of the face. If you are among the individuals, who desires thick eyelashes, then you can use Careprost eye drop and effectively brings attractiveness of the face.


What is hypotrichosis?

Hypotrichosis is a condition in which the growth of hair in eyelashes is insufficient due to abnormality or imbalance of natural prostaglandins in the eyes. This disorder makes eyelashes thin and also decreases the whole attractiveness of the face along with beauty. The individuals, who are suffering from this disorder may face some other problems like face of these persons looks bad and they also feels unlike, which may produce sign of mental disorder. The whole mentality of these individual may change, as they thinks that other individual ignores them due to less attractiveness of face or less beauty.

Careprost Eye Drops

Treatment of hypotrichosis

The individuals can treat this disorder by certain methods like medication or by using healthy food and fruits. There are also some natural remedies, which can effectively treat this disorder and helps to get a good looking or thick eyelashes. The natural prostaglandins present in the eyes are deficient in its functioning, which interrupts the growth of lashes. As a result hypotrichosis takes place.

About Careprost and how to use it?

Careprost is composed of Bimatoprost as its active component. It is a synthetic prostaglandin, which is an analogue of natural prostaglandin present in the eyes. Bimatoprost resembles its functioning with the natural prostaglandin. Due to this property it improves the growth and size of lashes of the eyes. It improves eyelash growth in a gradual manner and manages hypotrichosis. In this way, the individual can get a good and dazzling eyelashes and attractive face.

Careprost is a topical solution, which is used by most of the individual to treat hypotrichosis and get a good looking face. There are also some individuals, who should not use this medication; such as the individuals who are sensitive to Bimatoprost or any other ingredient of this solution, should not use this medication. In case of injury of eyes or eyelid and eye infection, you should not use this medication.

Careprost is an external and sterile preparation, which should be used with care. Before using this medication, you should remove your all eye makeup or contact lenses, if you wear. You should use it once in a day, at bedtime or in the evening, as follow-

  • Put a single drop of this solution on a sterile applicator, which comes along with this medication.
  • Apply this drop at the base of upper eyelid and eyelashes, without touching medication on the lower eyelids.
  • Discard the applicator after its use.

The use of Careprost may cause some general or common side effects like redness, swelling of eyes or nearby area, headache, hazy vision and dizziness.

The individual should know about some precautionary points, before using this medication; such as do not touch the applicator or medication with finger or at any other surface. Always use a sterile new sterile applicator every time, while using this drug. In case of children, it should be avoided, but if necessary, then use it with medical advice.

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