From Quaggy To Strong Erection Only With Cenforce

To know about erection failure, first, read the science behind an erection. Gaining an erection is not easier; it includes multiple steps involving vascular, hormonal, and nervous system.

Stage one: The reflex action begins by touching your penile; this triggers your spinal cord or peripheral nervous system. Next is the psychogenic erection in which erection triggers with any visual or sensual stimulation.

Stage two: With the stimulation of nervous system, there is the release of nitric oxide that is powerful vessel dilator. This leads to fast blood flow.

Stage three: When the stimulus is removed, the activity of peripheral nervous system reverses thus returning back to normal shape and size.

Some people have problems in getting an erection or face poor erection. There might be any interruption in any of the above stages. Sometimes, it can be performance anxiety, excessive alcohol use, which disrupts nervous functioning. Without an erection, you will be called an IMPOTENT. To save yourself from such tag, use CENFORCE 150mg as early when you find out erection problem. You will get an erection within few minutes and hence ultimate satisfaction in bed.


CENFORCE a brand that is widely available for erectile dysfunction treatment. ED is that disorder that makes a man unable to enjoy physical intimacy with their partner. The GENERIC of Cenforce is SILDENAFIL. This Sildenafil is classified as phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitor. We will go deep and know how this drug functions by blocking PDE5 work.

PDE5 functions in degrading cGMP number. There remains poor cGMP and so no erection is possible. Sildenafil helps by rendering PDE5 action. Thus, acceleration of cGMP quantity makes vasodilation process. When your blood vessels get vasodilated there is fast blood flow through vessels which makes an erection possible.

The outward blood stops and so the erection remains for a long time until blood flow outwards starts.

Cenforce is obtainable as 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, 200 mg.

A person who is incapable of getting an erection should start intaking SINGLE TABLET of Cenforce before one hour of physical intimacy. Dose as per your doctor’s advice. Use this tablet before planned physical intimacy session. The action starts within 30 minutes and the action prolongs for about 4-5 hours timing.

Some DO NOT that you have to follow always:

DO NEVER ENGULF this tablet in some cases as below:

  • When you have allergies to its components
  • When you are already using Nitrate medications
  • When you fall under 18 year’s age

SAFETY POINTS one has to keep following always

  • When your erection becomes painful, tell your doctor.
  • Do not engulf more than recommended by your doctor.
  • Keep yourself away from alcohol and grapefruit juice as these worsen effects.
  • Meals rich in fats will slow down the absorption rate of the drug so do not take that food.

Some UNWANTED ILL AILMENTS that are possible with the use are as Irregular heart rate, flushing, back pain, muscle pain, painful erection, longer erection, nausea, and vomiting.

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