Recall your older sensual days & funny nights with Fildena

Prior knowing the treatment available for the cure of disorder of Erectile Dysfunction it’s important to understand the disease in brief.

A man said to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) when he fails to get a stiffer erection in his lovemaking organ or when he slithers to uphold that “erection” or hardness for a longer time, enough to accomplish the sensual desires of self and the partner until she excites with happiness & joy.

A series of chemical change happens in man’s body when he getting physical with her ladylove. When the women wear clothes for the sake of revealing her everything, she in instant puts the mind of her partner into intimacy. A woman is a God’s beautiful creation, without uttering a word she can invite any men straight into bed. The way a woman can look and lick her lips or say pass gestures or breathe heavy, I swear a man can’t do.


The curves a woman has and when a man approach near to them, touch them or say feel them…whoa! This shoots the adrenaline level in men and an emotional rush travel in them. Physical friction brings the release of “endorphins” in men. So, they feel relaxed, happy and satisfied and the women stress get relieved so both feel calm when the intercourse goes well.

BUT…BUT…BUT…every story doesn’t end up happily especially the couple in which a man is suffering from ED and having a poor flow of blood in penile shaft. Therefore, as a result first, they didn’t get erection earlier and secondly can’t hold their erection until the two’s craving meet the divine outcome. So, now it’s understood that women will leave starved & stressed…whereas men would feel…insult, low in confidence, a severe headache due to hormonal rush, anxious due to abstinence of endorphins surge, sleeplessness, restlessness, annoyance, mood swings, depression & much more.

Worried right? Oh! No need…we introduced you to the disorder now we gonna give you the solution…Oh! not surgery or injections but a medicine, which you don’t have to take daily but has to consume when you will love to get intimate, an hour before with a glass full of water, either before or after having the food in the stomach.

Fildena (Sildenafil citrate) 50mg & 100mg when taken by men, the dose inhibits the breakdown of cGMP by acting on a group of enzymes PDE5 and inhibiting the same. NO, is the chemical, which is released in the body of men when he gets stimulated to make intimate love. NO, further builds the concentration of cGMP in corpus cavernosum of men so due to dilation of blood vessels and relaxation of penile muscles, a rush of blood stream towards the penile shaft, making it stood erect, longer & stiff.

Adverse effects that can disgust a man are nausea, sore throat, myalgia, headache, flushing, diarrhea, fastening of breath, stiffness in the back, blurred vision, indigestion, dry skin, and Priapism.

Few cautions that might be useful if followed as such, like cutting down booze, cigarette smoke, poppers, junkies, junk foods, beverages such as grapefruit juice & coffee. Patient having BP issues and are taking nitrates must not take Fildena without physician’s advice. Machinery handling & vehicle riding must be restricted with these pills.

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