Reflect your manliness in your intimate act by use of Fildena

Men and women differ from each other in many ways especially when talk in terms of sensuality and sexual pleasure or accomplishment of sexual desires!

The difference in the nature of the two people plays an important role in their sexual behavior, which they show in their bedroom. People, those are timid don’t initiate for making bodily love and are quite inexpressible in bed develop difficulties for self and partner too. These timid people feel insecure in bed while making love but the weird fact is that they turn the other person a bit uncomfortable too and quite incompetent to share the desire and his or her desires accomplished.

Therefore, as a result, the couple might face many different types of sexual inhibitions. Until the one person knows the tactic to handle the other person’s shy nature the intimate relation goes well but as your tactic begins to fail then getting frustration is a bit usual thing.

Stopping in between the act of intercourse or slithering in bedroom performance due to not-so-happening or active partner in bed. Any men can go out of control in anger, might feel dejection or humiliation. This can cause men to lose his erection, as every man are different from other so their sensual capability to have and hold an erection also differs. Generic viagra Fildena 100mg can really help in this case.


Letting your true lover apart from you just because she is shy is not possible for every man to do, as lust is not the only thing love matters a lot but only love is not all. Intimacy also means a lot!

So, for this you have to seek other measures to let your partner more comfortable with you and confident in herself or empower your manliness to that extent so that every time when you get in your women she becomes able to feel that pleasure of sensuality that you expect for yourself. There is no emotion or exist no sensation that is more pleasurable and soothing than an intimate feeling. So, take Fildena consisting Sildenafil to improve your sensual performance and you will see the result that how your timid partner will break her walls of shyness and will get on you showing her craving to make intimacy.

Fildena is the medicine that you have to take an hour before building coitus with a partner to have a superb level of rigidity in organ and stronger ability to hold your ejaculation and erection. Take this medicine with water either after food or before having the food and then enjoy intimacy to next 4-5 hours but take care that you must not repeat this dose before completing 24 hours.

Fildena on men shows its effect by arresting the action of a PDE-5 enzyme whose role is to bring down the breakdown of cGMP within tissues of corpus cavernosum. But as the action of enzyme gets inhibited the levels to cGMP will go up and the moment the men get the sensation to arousal his body releases Nitric Oxide, NO due to which penile vessels get dilated and tissues get relaxed and the organ gets filled with blood that makes the erection erect and stiff for better intimacy.

Certain short-term side effects that get developed in men when use Fildena includes blurred vision, pain and shivering in muscles, indigestion, feeling of temperature, Priapism and other.

As a caution, man has to avoid the intake of fatty foods or those packet foods that contain cheese or are hard to digest. Beverages such as grapefruit juice, alcohol, and coffee you must avoid with this therapy. Smoking cigarette is not a good option with this medicine. Nitrates holding medicines must not ingest when men are taking Sildenafil medicine.

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