Relieve The Uneasiness Of Muscle Pain With Pain-O-Soma

Pain-O-Soma helps to relieve your muscle pain, muscle spasms, aches, and strains effectively and triggers your life to perform common activities that have previously hindered your working. Drug mainly works by altering the pain signals between the nervous system and the brain.


Pain is a very common condition that almost every individual experiences once in their life span whether they can be of younger age or of older age.

It is a popular belief that the pains and inflexibility of ageing are predictable and to be probable: that growing old is an outcome of time passing. When you feel pain in older age, your doctor, family, or friends say that you are just going older and their discussion usually ends.

The belief is that your body parts are tiring out and they are believed to. People think of their body this way. The human body is not just a marvelous machine. A lot more happens to a human body than just a time pass in a course of time. A human body is more than just a machine. However, gathered muscular tension is one condition that underlies pain and stiffness of ageing.

Compiled muscular tension regularly goes unobserved for the reason that it builds little by little and we get at ease with it. The cause behind muscular tension comprises mainly poor posture. Do not spend your life with any more pain and beat your pain with Pain-O-Soma (Carisoprodol) 350mg oral preparations.

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Pain-O-Soma is an excellent pain reliever that contains Carisoprodol as its major active component in oral formulations. Pain-O-Soma 350mg dose should be consumed 3-4 times a day and preferably last dose at bedtime. This is an ideal dose for adults in pain management. Maximum suggested dose should not increase 1400 mg in a day. Pain-O-Soma therapy is normally suggested for three weeks only.

The best way to take medicine is without breaking or crushing and should be consumed via oral route with the help of water. The geriatric patient dose is generally the half of usual adult dose.

Pain-O-Soma is a centrally acting medicine that acts indirectly on nerve endings and inhibits pain sensations that are passed to the brain. Physical therapies and rest are also suggested with medication therapy for effective results. Take body massage if possible as it increases the blood circulation and helps to relieve pain.

After drug intake, the active part of the drug that is Carisoprodol is converted into its metabolite, Meprobamate. This metabolite has sedative and anxiolytic property. Due to its sedative property, Pain-O-Soma can cause dependence of consumed more than suggested dose or duration. You may feel withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop the drug usage. Slowly decrease the drug dose if you want to discontinue the medicine.

Like any other medicine, Pain-O-Soma exhibits some adverse responses in patients such as stomach disturbance, headache, vomiting, agitation, breathing trouble, tiredness, or visual disturbance.

Alcohol consumption interacts with the medicine and alters its effectiveness. Try to avoid alcohol intake and do not administer Pain-O-Soma with any other medicine or it can alter the drug efficacy.

Some noteworthy preventive measures while taking Pain-O-Soma-

  • Individual oversensitive to Carisoprodol or any other present ingredient of the drug are not suggested to opt Pain-O-Soma for relieving muscle agony.
  • Patients with known medical history related with liver, kidney, heart, or bleeding ailment should keep the drug away from them or it may cause serious harm to you.
  • Pregnant females are advised to avoid Pain-O-Soma or it can harm your growing fetus.
  • Pain-O-Soma may pass into breast milk and harm your baby. Hence, it is not advisable for nursing mothers.

Follow these precautions to avoid side effects.

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