Sildenafil – A Potent Medication To Heal Erection Difficulties

Every man wants to enjoy a healthy intimate life with his partner. Therefore, when he is not able to achieve this he becomes stressed and frustrated. The failure to get or keep an erection is known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Impotence. ED is a very common type of sexual disorder in men and can impact him at any stage in his life. But the incidence of ED increases as the age of man increases.


Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction at right time is very important as it can become worse and difficult to handle, if left untreated. Erectile dysfunction can negatively influence a man’s physical relationship with his partner as he is no longer able to satisfy her physical needs.

He may develop performance anxiety and stop initiating the intimate activities on his own. There are many options available in the market to treat ED, but the most preferred and popular way to deal with this problem is use of Oral Phosphodiesterase (PDE) Inhibitors.

Oral PDE inhibitors are used in the first-line therapy of Erectile Dysfunction. These oral medications are very safe and give desired result (a firm erection) within minutes of its intake.

Sildenafil is an oral Phosphodiesterase Inhibitor and functions by increasing the blood flow in the male genital organs. Therefore, a firm erection is produced that lasts for around 4 hours. Sildenafil comes under brand names of Cenforce and Fildena.


Cenforce is a very compelling and secure medicine that is available online in different doses of 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg. The selection of the drug depends on the severity and duration of the medical condition.

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 It comes in tablet dosage form and is to be consumed orally with a glass of water. Take it 60 minutes before the intimate activity to get a firm erection. Cenforce is not effective, if a man is not sexually stimulated or lacks libido. Do not take this drug with alcohol or related drinks as it can increase the risk of its side-effects.

The use of this drug is not approved with drugs Nitrates and its Derivatives as it can result in severe fall in blood pressure.

Adverse effects: Angina, flushing, painful and prolonged erection, stupor, low blood pressure, shallow breathing, etc. These are temporary adverse effects and some men may even not have them at all.

 Precautions of Fildena:-

  • If you are allergic to Sildenafil or other drugs belonging to the same class, then avoid it use.
  • Do not consume this medicine, if you are directed not to indulge in any kind of sensual activity.
  • Avoid diet rich in fatty acids as it reduces the performance of the medication.
  • Do not take more than one dose of this medication in 24 hours as it can result in unwanted effects.

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