Switch To Abortion Step With Abortion Pill, If Unready For Pregnancy

Many of us want a child and many are unwilling to have a child at a certain time. Depend on a woman when she decides to have a baby. As this whole process takes place in a woman. She is the ultimate bearer of a child. She only has to take care of her fetus for nine long months. Even after delivery, she has to feed her and take care. This whole thing needs time.

A working woman has to think twice before conceiving. In case if she conceives unwantedly then she gets depressed. May be she is unready to bear the responsibility.

In some cases, the woman gets pregnant when she is single. A baby needs both father and mother attention and care. Without the shelter of the father, a child’s life is tough. When a single woman gets pregnant, she opts for an abortion.

No one has a right to question her decision of an abortion. Whatever may be the case, if she is unwilling to have a baby then let her make her choice of an abortion. Choosing an Abortion Pill in those cases is the best alternative. Abortion pills will terminate your gestation within few days. However, remember to take them as early as possible.

Generics of an Abortion Pill are…………………Mifepristone and Misoprostol

This tablet works in a stepwise. Firstly, Mifepristone given ceases the activity of progesterone hormone by rendering the nutrition supply towards the fetus.

Later Misoprostol causes the dilation and contraction of the uterus so finally expelling the fetus from the womb.

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Many brands of an Abortion Pills are as:

  • Mifegyne
  • RU-486
  • Cytotec
  • Korlym
  • Mifeprex
  • MTP Kit

Some brands having different dosage schemes

Brands having names as RU-486, Mifegyne, Mifeprex, and Korlym: A woman must opt for three tablets of Mifepristone, each containing 200 mg dose via orally with ample water. Make sure to have a verification of an abortion step after an interval of two days. If your abortion did not occur then swallow additional two Misoprostol tablets, with each 200 mcg orally or vaginally with water.

Brands having names as Cytotec: A woman should opt for 12 tablets of Misoprostol, with each 200 mcg. Remember to use it in dosage scheme of four-four-four. It is advised to keep 4-5 hours gap between any two dosages. Take it through orally or vaginally.

Brands having names as MTP Kit: Swallow single Mifepristone tablet, with each 200 mg. Take it orally with ample water. After two days interval, engulf four tablets, with each 200 mcg only via orally or vaginally. Count days from the first day of Mifepristone and again on the 14th day, verify your abortion step.

Remember some contraindications that must be followed:


  • If you are on corticosteroids and anticoagulants
  • If you underwent ectopic pregnancy
  • If you face any allergic reaction
  • If you suffer from chronic adrenal failure

Have a look through the safety measures such as mentioned below:

  • Stop in taking alcoholic drinks and also grapefruit juices in order to prevent worse effects.
  • To gain back stamina, eat a healthy diet and fresh juices.
  • Abortion aftereffect is dizzy feeling so for some days stop heavy work.

SOME AFTER ISSUES that occur are as stomachache, dizzy, tiredness, drowsy, vaginal flow, vaginal discomfort, weakness, and nausea.

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