Treat Impotence And Boost Your Vigor With Erex

Erex is an anti-impotence drug or we can say that it helps a man in treating their erectile dysfunction (ED) problem. ED is like a failure for a man to attain and maintain erection for desired period during lovemaking sessions.


Sexual arousal has great role in the effective working of this drug. Despite of sexual arousal, there are also some traits that are helpful for healthy relationships that include being physically fit, as physical energy is required in physical intimacy. Another one is physically coordination as bonding needs coordination, try to have good communication with your partner that makes you feel connected, being insecure for your partner enhances your love life, be able to take risks, experiments and tests on your own boundaries, and last but not the least is the practice, as we say practice makes a man perfect.

Erex is a real key for turning your partner on and bringing the spice back into your physical relationship. Purchase online from our regular drug portal and avail great discounts.

Sildenafil Citrate as generic is the core constituent of Erex formulation. It comes under the category of PDE-5 inhibitor medicines.


When a man gets sexually stimulated, then his nerves in genital receive message from brain and down the spinal cord. These nerve endings release chemical messengers that we commonly called as neurotransmitters. Arteries then receive signals from theses neurotransmitters to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow into male reproductive organ that leads to stiffness, rigidity, and enlargement of this portion causing an erection. Problem in these blood vessels and blood supply or nerve tissues can interfere with erection.

Erex (Sildenafil citrate) manages to deal with these issues and treat your erectile dysfunction problem by improving blood circulation and after involving sexual stimulation. It is contraindicated in elder patients and with other drugs.

You can expect noticeable change in your love life that can be more pleasurable and enjoyable for you and your partner when you take Erex 50mg 1 hour before your intended physical intimacy. Because it will start to show its effect within 30-60minutes of intake and you can enjoy that sense even for 4-5 hours, as this drug can be effective for that long.

Warning: Do not take more than one tablet a day. It is not recommended for patients with liver, kidney, or any heart ailment.

It should be taken on empty stomach and be on low fat diet during the therapy. Some other food items such as alcohol and grape fruit products may also interact with the absorption of this drug.

This drug is safe and effective method for treatment but you may suffer with some common side effects such as headache, nausea, dizziness, low blood pressure or sometimes you may experience painful and prolonged erection if you ingest more than recommended dose.

To avoid some side effects few precautions need to be followed like patients hypersensitive to generic Sildenafil or any other component should not take this drug.

Do not smoke and drink alcohol when you are on Erex medication or it may increase the chances to faint. So avoid driving and other alertness required activities.

If you are not suggested to have physical intimacy due to any reason then you are also not suggested to take this drug. Males with genital deformity of any kind are cautious with this drug. It is an approved drug only for 18 years and above males.

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